Who We Are | Salaam Takaful Limited

کمپنی کا تعارف

Salaam Takaful Limited is an Unlisted Public Limited Company incorporated in Pakistan on 2nd June 2006, under the Companies Ordinance, 1984 with a regulatory compliant capital of Rs. 800 million, all fully paid-up. The Company is partly owned by the most reputable institution of Pakistan, House Building Finance Corporation Limited (owned by State Bank of Pakistan and Government of Pakistan). Managed by a team of qualified and experienced professionals and supervised by distinguished Shariah Supervisors, Salaam Takaful Limited has the capacity to underwrite risks in all avenues of General Takaful such as Property (Fire & Engineering), Marine, Motor, Liabilities, Health, Travel etc. The Company has the expertise and arrangements with overseas Re-Takaful operators enabling it to offer comprehensive coverage for large infra-structure projects, specialized risks and umbrella/ blanket covers specifically tailored for Islamic banking operations as well as for large corporate groups. Salaam Takaful Limited, feels honored that its Shariah compliance is ensured under the patronage of Justice (Retd.) Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani, whose name needs no introduction, with demand for Shariah-compliant Takaful services growing at a faster rate, the Shariah compliance function plays a vital role in helping to develop new procedures and products to adapt to industry trends and customer expectations.

  • To deliver Takaful as a viable alternative to conventional insurance.
  • To become the ‘top-of-the-mind’ Takaful brand for our Participants in terms of competitiveness, service standards and business ethics
  • To give value for money to our shareholders and make Salaam Takaful Limited their prized asset.
  • To become an ideal organization for our employees that encourages them to achieve self-actualization and growth.
  • To contribute positively and proactively for the welfare of our society at large as well as for the preservation of our environment.
  • To spread Takaful benefits beyond borders, beyond Time!
  • KUWAIT RE - A- (A. M. BEST)
  • SAUDI RE - A3** - (Moody's)