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Salaam Personal Accident Takaful

Did you know? There were 12,894 accidents in 2020.

This is a 24 hours worldwide coverage providing compensation in case of death or loss of limb or bodily injury to the covered person resulting in temporary or permanent disablement, partial disablement or total disablement arising out of an accident. The standard coverage may also be extended to cover medical expenses resulting out of such accident.

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Salaam Application
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400+ Panel Hospital Pan Pakistan
Salaam Takaful Limited allows customers to access cashless hospitalization at over 400+ medical institutions, making healthcare facilities available for everyone.
Accessible at non-panel hospitals
In case of emergency admissions, our team of qualified doctors are just a call away.
Fastest Claim Settlement Process
With our team of qualified professional, your claim is processed in a quick and efficient manner, saving you from any hassle.
Shariah Complaint Solution
Our shariah compliance function is a key element of company’s structure, carrying the responsibility of ensuring that all products and services offered by Salaam Takaful are fully compliant with the principles of shariah law.
  • Permanent disability
  • Temporary disability
  • Medical expense (Extended cover)
  • Death
  • Burial & repatriation