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Salaam Home Takaful

Looking to preserve your special occasions at home without being worried about the uncertainties ahead?

This policy is specifically designed to cover home and contents (including jewellery & cash).

Why Choose Us?

Fastest Claim Settlement Process
With our highly active team of qualified professionals, your claim is processed in a quick and efficient manner, saving you from any hassle.
Shariah Compliant Solution
Our shariah compliance function is a key element of company’s structure, carrying the responsibility of ensuring that all products and services offered by Salaam Takaful are fully compliant with the principles of shariah law.
  • The risk of fire
  • Earthquake
  • Explosion, lightning, thunderbolt, flood and typhoon
  • Burglary & breakage
  • Bursting of pipes
  • Aircraft damage
  • Damage to mirrors etc.