Sustainability-ESG | Salaam Takaful Limited

Sustainability / ESG

Salaam Takaful Limited, being the largest dedicated general takaful operator and first Islamic insurtech in Pakistan, is committed to serve not only its policyholders but also the world we operate in. That’s the reason we have been one of the most vocal supporters of ESG and its true practitioners in Pakistan. Our main goal under our ESG Policy is “Financial Inclusion”, which is mentioned in 7 of the UN SDGs. All our efforts and products are aligned to these 7 goals.


On the environmental side we constantly push for a greener future, both internally & externally. Our initiatives in green financing remain relevant today as well as in the upcoming future, as we continue to minimize consumption. Salaam Takaful is also a pioneer in bringing digitization within the takaful industry, so much so, that we have made our organizational processes completely paperless, with an objective of digitizing everything to the hilt.


If we talk about the social aspect in ESG, Salaam Takaful has again a lot of feathers in the cap. Takaful itself is based on the idea of social protection which is a structure of mutual cooperation and solidarity for the purpose of protecting the weak and vulnerable in society. This reflects that our very existence is for the upliftment of the society in general. Besides, arrangement of health and wellness camps, introduction of parametric based crops for farmers resilience, launch of MTO programme for Madaris graduates and impacting thousands of lives through our health programs are few of the other notable contributions of Salaam Takaful Limited.


Governance is not something new for us. Our founders understood transparency as a key foundation and embedded those principles in our culture. For this we have spared no cost on our commitments to governance & transparency. In fact, we have tried to take those extra steps and set an example for those around us.